I recently went over to Jacksons Lane in Highgate to film a short promo for STRIKE!, a piece of circus-inspired theatrical crossover directed by the lovely Keziah Serreau.

Rather excitingly, the opportunity had arisen shortly after I’d been told that my rental C100, booked ahead of filming a wedding and a music video for Rob Lynch that weekend, would be arriving on Thursday rather than Friday (the very day of the performance.) Not having actually shot with the camera before, this was the perfect opportunity to get my head around it ahead of the weekend’s shooting. 

A nightmare day ensured that I missed the technical rehearsal but I shot a few interview sections with Keziah and her designer Raymond Sartie before getting to shoot the evening’s performance. Cicely Fell provided a 2nd camera (a 5d) and an expert touch in the interviews.

It was a real treat of a show and some of the imagery made for compelling subject matter. I had the C100 with a 24-70mm L lens mounted on a monopod right at the front on the right of the stage. I had asked Cicely to take care of the wide shots with a 35mm prime on the 5d and so I was free to just get right in close with the zoom and capture the essential life and movement of the performers. If anything, at times I could have wished for a little bit more of a zoom as it would have been brilliant to have been able to get in close enough to the action to almost create almost abstract shots of the at-times quite surrealist action but I’m very happy with the results we achieved.

The soundtrack to the piece was particularly brilliant and I was lucky enough to be able to ask Tom Mills, the composer behind it, to create a custom soundtrack to my film, something that really puts a premium touch on the piece.

I didn’t love cutting the 5d and C100 footage together give the hectic nature of the day and ensuing disparity in settings and lenses etc. but shit, I think I’ve got round those issues pretty well and also that overall the film captures a goodly bit of what the production is about. 

I hope that Keziah is able to secure funding to work STRIKE! up into a fully-fledged production because the scratch, based on just 10 days of workshop travail produced quite marvellous results; striking imagery, atmosphere and energy. I’d love to watch it without having to peer into a rather small LED screen but I’ll take it. 
Select links: (neither Keziah nor Cicely seem to have a website!)
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